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How Can Outdoor Light Slow or Reduce Nearsightedness?


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Can the Right Lighting Improve Learning in the Classroom?

Light is important in any space for the right mood or setting, but what if it could improve the way a child learns in the classroom?

A study was conducted to test if the lighting in classrooms was too harsh for the students, thus causing them to do poorly in school. Lighting is one of the many problems contributing to the low test scores that were being received across the US. The study involved two classrooms where the children would take a math test, one with LED lighting and the other with standard fluorescent lighting. After the study, students were asked if they felt a difference in the lighting and how well they did on their tests.

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Unlock the Potential of Interior Lighting

What if you could create a unique piece of wall art just from the use of metal and light?

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SORAA Pioneers Lamps Using LEDs Built from the Purest Resources

In 2008, a team of professors from the worlds of engineering and semiconductors set out to develop extraordinarily efficient lighting. Dr. Shuji Nakamura, Dr. Steven DenBaars, and Dr. James Speck’s pursuit of perfection led to the development of a revolutionarily type of light - a violet LED made from pure gallium nitride substrates.

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A Stunning Transformation at the Church of the Immaculata in San Diego

When Lightstyle was approached with the opportunity to integrate a new lighting system for the Church of the Immaculata in San Diego, California, it was an honor for them to accept the offer.

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What is Design-Assist Distribution?

Are you looking for an easy and innovative system to solve your lighting product selection needs? Look no further, because Lightstyle has reinvented the buying process that is traditionally seen in the lighting industry. 

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Lightsyle looks to Grow Its Team of Lighting Professionals

Lighting Project Assistant, Lighting Project Coordinator, Lighting Project Specialist, IT Specialist are just a few of the career opportunities availbale at Lightstyle Automated Systems, Inc in San Diego California. These jobs present outstanding opportunities for college graduates and other design-oriented individuals looking for an exciting new career.

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Lightstyle Automated Systems is attending Lighfair 2016 this week. We are honored to be part of ths amazing event. #LFI2016

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LF Illumination

LF ILLUMINATION is a manufacturer that listens to the needs of designers and reacts with fixtures that provide high efficiency, performance, and the latest in LED technology that will define architectural lighting for years to come. Here are some beautiful examples of some of their product applications:

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Lightstyle Partners with Design Professionals to Create Outstanding Results

If you are a design professional that has the added responsibility of specifying lighting for design-build projects – then you know the lighting products available can be overwhelming. Additionally, sticking to a lighting budget is an important factor when choosing the lighting products for your job.

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